Love in the time of Corona: How you can have some meaningful and romantic moments with your partner



The popular saying—when the going gets tough, the tough get going—perhaps best defines these challenging times. WHO recently declared Coronavirus as a pandemic and people are advised to spend time indoors to avoid getting infected. Precautions like ‘social distancing’ and ‘no physical contact’ became the norm overnight. While these measures ensured safety but did you notice that these precautions are everything that could keep too lovers or partners apart? Forget about kissing, you are not even supposed to hug a person who shows even the slightest symptoms of the common flu. Given the fact that many companies have mandated employees to work from home, which allows couples to spend more time together but that itself can become a problem. Because it is very easy to get bored when you are confined within the four walls with nothing much to do. Since you cannot visit your favourite public places like a mall or a restaurant or a movie theatre, you might get into each other’s nerves pretty easily. So, how do you pass this period of isolation without tearing each other apart out of sheer boredom?

According to relationship experts, couples can utilise the time of isolation to spend quality time and build emotional intimacy. “Physical distancing is key when it comes to tackling the outbreak of the coronavirus. However, it is now more than ever that we need to be emotionally connected and look out for one another. Go beyond physical intimacy and build on emotional intimacy. Do things together but maintain distance. Use texts, phone calls and video chats even if you’re in different rooms of the house. Talk about things other than the disease. Watch the same films or read the same books and discuss them. Treat this phase like a long-distance relationship; invest time and effort to maintain the connect,” said Dr Samir Parikh, Director, Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences, Fortis Healthcare.

To ensure that you and your partner have some meaningful and romantic time during the period of self-isolation, here are few things that both can do indoors while maintaining the precautions necessary to stay safe from Coronavirus.


Book your time with romance

We all have our ‘books to read’ wishlist, right? This is the perfect time to select some romantic books from your to-read list. When the days are lonely and nights are long, a classic on an unforgettable love story like that of Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’ Hara or Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester can be your best companion for the evenings. And if you want to make it more interesting, you can exchange your to-read list with your partner, spouse or lover. By doing so, he would be reading your favourite romantic novel and you would be doing the same. After you finish reading the book, both discuss your favourite parts. Such little exercises would bring you closer to your partner and you would spend the quarantined time doing something meaningful and romantic.


Picking up a new indoor hobby together

We are never too old to pick a new hobby. And what could be a perfect time to pick one when you are under house arrest with your partner for days? There are so many ideas that both can toy with. For example, starting a kitchen garden in your balcony or learning a new board game. In case, you have never tried cooking together before, take this as a good opportunity to learn cooking because besides being an important life skill, cooking can also be very therapeutic. An added benefit: you can ask the cook to take leave for a few days thereby limiting yourself from being exposed to someone from outside. Who knew that Coronavirus threat could make cooking for your partner a fun and healthy activity?


Building emotional intimacy

Like Dr. Samir Parikh advised, couples can use this period of isolation to build some emotional intimacy to make their relationship stronger. One of the exercises to build emotional connection and rekindle romance is by recollecting the days of your courtship or when you first met. For example, you can recreate the scene or menu of your first dinner together and talk about the days when you fell in love with your partner. Another game that couples can play is something called, “10 reasons why I love you.” Instead of telling your partner all the ten reasons together, how about revealing one reason each day and writing a romantic note on it. And every morning you can keep the note in a place where your partner can find it easily. Such small and meaningful exercises can help strengthen the bond you share with your partner.


Do the ‘talk’ you never had time for

Thanks to our busy schedules, we hardly get time to have some meaningful conversation or talk about any issues that are bothering us with our loved one. Due to lack of time, we develop this habit of brushing disturbing issues under the carpet. According to experts, most couples face problems in their relationship because of a lack of communication. So, how about utilising the time of isolation to address any issues related to your relationship. Also, you could discuss your plans for the future, or plan vacations and trips you would like to go on after the quarantine is over or anything under the sun. The aim here is to set the ball of conversation rolling.

There is no good or bad time but what we make out of it. So, utilise this time to build the strength of your relationship.



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