Ajit Pawar becomes ‘weak’ … So the succession issue in NCP resolved?

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After the resignation of Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, the political turmoil in Maharashtra is currently stagnating and the new government is taking oath on Thursday, but the NCP has been at the center of the entire political development. NCP is seen to be the biggest beneficiary in one month’s political ups and downs.

  • NCP gets big lead in political ups and downs
  • Supriya gains in NCP succession dispute
  • Ajit Pawar lost due to rebel attitude

After the resignation of Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, political turmoil in Maharashtra seems to be at a standstill and Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray is going to take oath as Chief Minister on Thursday. But the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), which has been at the center of the entire political development, seems to get the most benefit in the political ups and downs of the last one month.

Though the power will be in the hands of Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray, but the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), which played a decisive role in the formation of this government, benefited strongly in at least 3 ways. Especially in the case of succession because the succession case was resolved without doing anything in this whole episode.

Apart from this, Pawar’s stature has increased in the politics of Maharashtra. Even at the age of 79, he showed that he is very active. At the same time, he will also have a solid stake in the new government. After the election results came, NCP and Sharad Pawar kept saying that the party will sit in opposition but now it is going to be a partner in power.

It can now be believed that Sharad Pawar’s daughter Supriya Sule can also get the party’s reins. Sharad’s daughter Supriya and Ajit Pawar have been struggling for a long time. But Ajit’s position has been weakened by this rebellious attitude.

Politics changed from the morning of 23 November

On the morning of 23 November, there was a huge political stir and in an unexpected way Devendra Fadnavis took oath of Chief Minister along with NCP rebel Ajit Pawar. Ajit Pawar sworn in as Deputy Chief Minister with Fadnavis going against uncle Sharad Pawar and the party.

As expected, after this oath, political agitation in the state gained momentum and the process of protecting their legislators started everywhere. By evening, the NCP called a meeting of MLAs and removed Ajit Power from the post of the party’s Legislature Party leader and Jayant Patil was given the responsibility in his place.

The head of NCP and 79-year-old Sharad Pawar led the entire case and started celebrating Ajit. He made soft statements about Ajit and kept sending party leaders to celebrate. At the same time, he also kept adding his MLAs one by one.

Trying to convince Ajit Pawar

While Sharad Pawar kept sending his special people to persuade Ajit, on the other hand, along with Shiv Sena and Congress, knocked on the door of the Supreme Court that this swearing is wrong and the new government should be asked to conduct a floor test immediately. On Sunday, the bench of the Supreme Court sat on a holiday and after hearing it for 3 days, issued the order on Tuesday, saying that by 5 pm on Wednesday evening, the BJP government should prove its majority through floor test.

After the decision of the Supreme Court, the Devendra Fadnavis government came in trouble. The speed with which Sharad Pawar created moral pressure on Ajit Pawar to resign from the post and join the party seemed that he would not be able to stay away for long.

The court’s decision on conducting floor test came at around 11 pm on Tuesday and after this decision Ajit Pawar resigned from his post around 2.30 pm. About an hour after this resignation, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis also had to resign at 3:30 pm. Ajit Pawar again joined the NCP after resigning. However, even after taking oath as Deputy Chief Minister, he kept saying continuously that Sharad Pawar is our leader and I am in NCP only.

Did Ajit lose his status

Although the dispute ended after the resignation of both the leaders, the status of Ajit Pawar in his uncle’s party NCP was probably not there. It can be believed that Ajit Pawar has suffered the most damage in the whole incident. Now this question is in everyone’s mind, what will be their standing in the party.

Whether or not Ajit Pawar gets any responsibility in Uddhav Thackeray’s possible new government or he can be placed in the organizational role of the party.

Ajit has already challenged Sharad Pawar. During the election held in the middle of this year, Sharad Pawar announced that he will contest from Maval Lok Sabha seat, but Ajit Pawar’s son Parth Pawar from the same seat also rejected the claim to contest. Ajit forced Sharad Pawar to step back in the name of the next generation after putting a lot of pressure. However this election Ajit Pawar’s son had to face defeat. Then after this Sharad Pawar started giving preference to his other nephew.

Supriya’s pain when brother rebels

Supriya Sule is an MP from her father’s parliamentary constituency Baramati and Ajit Pawar is an MLA from Baramati assembly seat. When Ajit Pawar resigned from the Assembly membership in October this year, there was a discussion in political circles that there was a rift between Supriya and Ajit.

On the day of the cousin’s rebellion, Supriya Sule had expressed disappointment and said that whom to trust now in life, thus she was never cheated. However, on Wednesday, when the MLAs were being administered oath in the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly, the two leaders hugged each other at the entrance. But gestures were telling that Ajit Pawar is still not normal.

Ajit Pawar’s value has declined due to the reversal of the party line. Sharad Pawar played a big role in settling the entire incident peacefully. Sharad may have benefited a bit from Ajit Pawar’s rebellion as his height increased in the party after the controversy. Also, who among Beti Supriya or Ajit should be given the command of the party, he came out of this dilemma and now he can unquestionably hand over the reins of party to the daughter. The biggest answer to not handing over the post to Ajit would be that he has tried to make the party split.

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